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What Our Clients Have to Say . . . Unsolicited Feedback

Tod, I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for all your effort and time you have put into my case regardless of how this ends. I just wanted you to know that I am thankful. (A.W., March 2013)

Brad and associates, Thank you so much for representing my brother. I am truly grateful that his future is still promising without the criminal charges on his record. Our family is extremely thankful for all your hard work. (R.S., February 2013)

Thank you Brad, Dan, Dauna and associates and staff. We appreciate all your hard work/time in having all the charges dismissed against our son. We are happy to put this behind us and move forward. All our best to you and yours. (D.B., February 2013)

I wanted to send you a letter to sincerely thank you for all of your help during my case. I feel like we have gotten to know each other over the past 7 months, such that our relationship now extends beyond attorney-client into friendship and mutual appreciation. I know that you have many clients, but you have really made me feel like I was important. The members of your law firm did the same. I understand and appreciate that you went above and beyond for me, and that we succeeded because you never quit. I have you to thank for the opportunity to put my life back together over the next year or two, and although it will not be easy, without your help I may have never had this chance. Consider me at your service, especially if you have any medical or radiology-related questions in the future. On behalf of myself, my wife and my family, we are in your debt. Thank you once again. (C.K, February 2013)

I really can't say enough about the care, competency, and professionalism shown by Brad, Fran, Diane, Rick, and the whole team at Koffel. My son has been through so much in the past year of his life and was heading for a likely prison term if left in the hands of the legal system and the public defender assigned to him. Making the choice to allow Brad to take over his defense was the best decision we could have made and I will never regret the financial investment his dad and I made on behalf of our son. Sometimes veterans have trouble adjusting when they get home and not everyone in the legal system had the big picture beyond the basic, falsely-incriminating evidence. Diane put together a portfolio giving the judge a broader view of who my son is, helping the judge and prosecutor to see him as a whole person and less like a number. Brad relentlessly went to bat for him and in the end the charge was reduced beyond what I believe would have been remotely possible without his help. He is now, thanks to Brad, looking at the probability of an expunged record after probation and the potential to resume military duties with the honor due a man who has served his country well. Thanks to Brad and his team, my son has the opportunity to begin taking his life back. The light has returned to his eyes. Brad, there are no words, except, thank you. (J.B., February 2013)

Hi Tod, I never formally thank you and Duanna for everything you did for me. I think about it every day and am so very grateful. Thank you so much, you guys really helped me through a terribly difficult time. (J.J., February 2013)

Our son, who was a senior in high school, used terrible judgment regarding friends and activities and got into some serious trouble. Our family had never had to deal with the legal system and had no idea where to start. We contacted The Koffel Law Firm, who immediately put us in contact with Rick, their investigator and made an appointment for us to meet with Brad Koffel. From those very first conversations, we felt that we were in good hands. Brad not only knew the laws, but knew everyone at the court house. Rick was always there to answer any questions we had and encouraged our son to make some much needed changes in his life. We also worked with Fran, who was very professional and Diane in the office was quick to help when we called. The Koffel Law Firm helped our son and family through a very difficult time and we would not hesitate to recommend them. (L.S., January 2013)

Brad, Thank you so much for your hard work. I too am thrilled with the outcome. (E.C., January 2013)

Mr. Koffel, Thank you very much for your work on this case. As you can imagine, with graduation coming up in May I have a million things to worry about and I am very pleased to know this case has been resolved. This could have really created some problems in my post college life, and I appreciate you taking care of that issue. If anyone I know has legal troubles in Columbus, I am certainly directing them to your office. (B.K., January 2013)

I told [our referring attorney] about the outcome of [our son's] case. I also shared how satisfied [our son] and I were with you and your team. Your genuine concern for his well-being provided support through a difficult period. Again, thanks for the great work. I will be praising you and your team around Columbus. (Attorney R.D., January 2013)

"I want to express my appreciation of Diane. She has been phenomenal. From the moment I called the office to my visits and emails she has been compassionate." (E.C., January 2013)

The Koffel Law Firm went above and beyond my expectations while helping me with my case. I turned to them for assistance during a very stressful time in my life, and they helped make the legal process as smooth and straightforward as possible. For that I am extremely grateful. Their staff deeply cares about helping their clients through rough times, and they definitely have the knowledge and ability necessary to help their clients with their legal troubles. The Koffel Law Firm helped give me a second chance for my future, and I would certainly recommend them to anyone who needs legal guidance. (J.B., January 2013)

EXCEPTIONAL is the only word I can use to describe Brad or his law firm, even then it falls way short of describing what I truly think and feel. The darkest day in a father's life is calling the police and having their son arrested, it's heartbreaking. In reaching out to Brad and his law firm to help my son he did not hesitate for a moment. He took this case because of his genuine compassion and his driving desire to always do the right thing. Brad and his law firm base their personal lives and their professional lives on good old fashion values; the highest level of integrity, respect and compassion.

If you want the best, there is only one choice, Brad Koffel Law Firm. (G.M., January 2013)

Brad Koffel represents my young adult son, defending him against very serious drug trouble. In the beginning, I was devastated by my son's problems, barely able to think about what to do, much less make decisions. Fortunately, I was referred to Brad and company and they took immediate and decisive action, including getting my son in treatment. They care about people. I wish I could tell you about some of the extraordinary things Koffel Law is doing for my son but I can't yet, his case is ongoing and unresolved. I have great confidence that Brad will fix this but whatever the outcome, I'm certain that Brad will accomplish the best that can be done for my son.

So yes, I agree with many others, Brad Koffel is the most connected, committed and competent attorney in his field. I checked him out before forming my opinion and so should you. I have retained and worked with many attorneys over the years. Brad Koffel is the most accessible, sincere, and trust inspiring lawyer I have ever met. If you have a teenager or young adult in trouble with alcohol or drugs, CALL HIM.
(F.B., January 2013)

We recommend the Koffel Law Firm because they operate with a high level of integrity and professional expertise. We brought a complex situation for Mr. Koffel to review because it dealt not only with criminal charges but addiction problems. We interviewed other attorneys and heard various approaches to solve the criminal situation. Only Brad realized the seriousness of the situation and recommended an approach to treat the total person and relaunch our family member as a positive member of society.

It turns out the Koffel Law Firm has excellent resources to help a person fighting the disease of addiction. That fact is a huge bonus. Legally, it quickly became apparent the Koffel Law Firm has great expertise with the courts and we believe they are respected for their forthright, prompt and honest communication. Our situation is ongoing and how this ends is still evolving.

We are writing this review at this time so other parents entangled with a loved one in this vicious web of addiction and related crime and agonizing over how and where to begin can find comfort that they have found a great resource right here! If you are researching the Koffel Law Firm, you are taking a strong step in the right direction. We now know our loved one is safe, getting treatment , gaining confidence and has one of the best legal teams , anywhere in America, defending their rights. We will try to do a follow up posting at a later date. We know this is a long journey but we have faith. We are thankful we have the Koffel Law Firm by our side. (W.O., January 2013)

I have had to use Mr Koffel before and . . . I didn't think twice as to who I was going to call this time based on the experience that I had. As bad as the issue feels at the time or as stressful the situation seems, they make the process smoother and makes it easier to sleep at night. They are honest with you during the process and also educate you and inform as to what is going on. I would'nt think twice about recommending this firm to anyone. I have friends that are attorneys that I could have used and saved money. But I know what I'm getting with this firm, confidence, attention to details and great results. Case closed. (M.H., January 2013)

Brad,... [our daughter] researched Columbus and attorneys that specialize in first time offenders. Later she told me she helped him find you and she chose you because of your web site. She said it looked like the right place for [our son] to get help and now I know she couldn't have been more correct... I applaud you for your honesty and sincerity. I can't imagine why anyone with a problem like ours wouldn't contact you for help... My husband and I cried again together when we read your last email. It was a lot of information, but mostly for your generosity. I will never be able to put into words how thankful we are for everything you are doing for our family. Again, thank you so very much. (K.S., January 2013)

Brad, You are definitely the man to handle [my son's] troubles; I will not forget what you have done for him. (F.B., January 2013)

Brad, Wow! [Attorney Will Nesbitt]... was a "God send" for me. You are awesome. Thank you for everything." (D.H., January 2013)


Brad, thanks again for your help. I think you did a great job and you were honest with me through the whole [case] which I respect and appreciate. If I know anyone in the future that needs help I will not hesitate to recommend you and your firm. Enjoy your Holidays. (M.H., December 2012)

Hi Will, I really appreciate the way you handled my case to the closure. Thanks for all the effort from your end and Koffel firm. I'd definitely recommend Koffel and most of all you to anyone who needs the right guidance in DUI cases. (S.K., December 2012)

Dear Brad... you, and your entire team, have been terrific... we're optimistic about your achieving the goal you've described for [our son & nephew] and the family... and appreciate your attention to, and the value you collectively bring, to this situation... thank you. (Attorney R.B., November 2012)

Tod, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help and support. Obviously the legal consultation is necessary but more importantly I want to thank you for your guidance; it is more than I could ask for. You help me realize that I can and will win this fight if I work at it. Thanks for giving me your cell, I'll talk to you soon. (S.B., November 2012)

Thank you and your amazing team for seeing my case through. I am extremely satisfied with how professionally everything was handled; and the results speak for themselves. I am deeply grateful for the expertise of your entire firm and the solid execution of every step in the process. While I can assure you I have no desire to repeat this journey on a fundamental level; the past couple months were made bearable solely because of your firm's representation... Every one of my interactions with your firm has been awesome. From the first meeting with you, to Steve's causal banter with the arraignment Judge, to Dan's excellent communication and follow-ups, to your extremely informative and thought provoking discussions, to Will and Dan's final presentation of the plea -- I never once felt lost or hopeless in what would essentially was a fairly lost and hopeless situation. (D.C., October 2012)

Will, Dan, Rick and Brad, Thank you so much for your help on my case and getting me out of trouble! I really appreciate all of your patience and effort throughout this whole process. I got my working visa and my driver's license as well. I may need your attorney referral on my immigration application in the future, since you did such a great job on my case. Best Wishes. (Q.G., October 2012)

Brad, Dick and I want to thank you both for all the time, effort and hard work you put into [our son's] case. It was a long road, but the end result made it all worthwhile. We are very grateful to both of you. Thank you. (P.R., September 2012)

I just want to thank the both of you for the help you have given [my paralegal] with no real notice. I am sure she is appreciative. I will make sure she is aware, if she is not already, of the quality of the representation that she has been fortunate enough to receive. (Attorney R.K., September 2012)

You really are awesome!!! Unbelievable. Timing couldn't be better - interviews starting Monday. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!! Please email us when votes are needed for Best Lawyers.... you definitely have ours! (C.P., September 2012)

Thank you for everything! I could not be happier with the results. (Attorney B.F., August 2012)

Brad, Thank you for not only the wine and your representation, but also for the introduction to Fran [with The Koffel Law Firm]. She represented me with passion and compassion and was almost as nervous as we were awaiting the decision. She practices law and represents clients in the same manner as I attempted to (Attorney M.T., July 2012)

Dear Brad, You may not remember me, but you served as the lawyer to many of my court proceedings in the past years. I am writing you this email to thank you. Not only in serving as my lawyer but helping me and directing me to other people to be principles in changing my life and in my recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction. Monday I will be blessed with 3 years of sobriety and I attribute it to you, along with many other people. Despite my life at the time and the shambles it was in, you believed in me that I could be a better person with a different future if I so chose the path to which you directed. I will never forget the help you gave to me and my family and I wanted to express my gratitude to you and your services. Thank you, it means the world to me. I hope all is well with you and that you are continuing to change the lives of those around you. Again, thank you. (July 2012, K.H.)

Brad, I owe you my life! (July, 2012)

I am grateful beyond words for this firm!!! Life has been a disaster the last few weeks. Thanks! (July 2012, S.W.)

Good Morning Fran, I received your letter yesterday and wanted to thank you for your conscientiousness and professionalism. It was obvious early in our meeting that you are very good at what you do and I am grateful to have met you. This is a horrible experience and one that I will try and make the best of and grow from. Not a moment passes that I am not thinking about or going back through the entire day. So very glad to have you and your firm representing me. (July 2012, A.B.)

Brad, First I would like to thank you and your staff for gettiing [my daughter] through this difficult time. You and your staff are true professionals. I thought you and your staff would like to know that she is doing fantastic! She has moved into a place of her own, she is attending faith based recovery meetings twice per week, ... and the most surprising of all is that her former employer has hired her back! (July, 2012, T.R.)

Brad, [our daugher] called after your office talked to her. She is so happy and relieved as her mother and I. I could never put into words how thankful we are for the work you have done. Let me just say thank you. (June 2012)

Dauna, I justed wanted to thank The Koffel Law Firm (especially you and Tod) for the the help and support you have given [our son] and our family over the past few months. Words cannot express my gratitude to all of you. Everyone within your firm from day one through today has been nothing less than exceptional (professional, knowledgeable and caring). I really don't know what we would have without you. Rest assured for that all of your (firms) hard work really does make a difference in peoples lives. If you ever need a verbal recommendation for a potential client, please let me know I would be happy to help out. With that said hopefully this will be the last time I will need to email. (K.R., June 2012)

Congrats to you, Fran. You performed superbly for your client, which produced a remarkable, if not improbable, result. (Attorney F.R., June 2012)

I wanted to thank you for everything you've done for me and my family in the past few months. Words cannot describe how much I appreciate it. You made this difficult situation much easier to handle and gave my family and I comfort knowing we were in good hands. I cannot thank you enough." (E.H. April 2012)

"Hi Tia and Will, I just wanted to say thank you for your quick and effective help with my situation. You made this much easier to deal with and took the stress out of it for me, while helping me get the best deal possible for the position I was in. Thank you, again!" (A.F., March 2012)

Biggest thanks to everyone at The Koffel Law Firm. I couldn't have picked a better team to represent my case. I believe my success was largely due to all your hard work. Words really can't express my full gratitude. Now I'm home spending precious time with my loving family. My wife, my kids and my parents really appreciate what you guys were able to do. The resolution couldn't have been any better. The [result] was, in fact, a miracle." (M.K., February 2012)

"Brad, your outcome for us yesterday was amazing to me – I never expected such a favorable outcome in the courts [for our daughter]. She is a good kid and we thank you very much." (B.W., February 2012)

"Dear Brad, Dan & Team: Thank you for obtaining such a good judgment for me. I will be forever appreciative. You communicated the strategy and process with purpose, clarity, realism and assurance that prepared me for the worst but kept my spirits up. Of course I worried but you allowed me to put my trust in your abilities. Nevertheless, the outcome was a bigger relief than I can express. A special call out to Dan who was there if I needed him, always responding with a kind word, and great communication about what was going to happen when. Again, I thank you most sincerely for everything you have done for me." (D.U., February 2012)

"I highly recommend Koffel Law. Will was my attorney, but he, Brad and Dan all worked on my behalf. Their expertise was evident from our first meeting, and I never questioned if I was in good hands. They were always willing to spend a few extra minutes on the phone or in person answering question or making sure I understood what was going on. I am very happy with the outcome of my case and feel the representation I received was worth the price." (Q.N., January 2012)

"Brad, thank you again for representing me and making things go smoothly this morning. It's wonderful being able to drive-people really take that privilege for granted so I appreciate getting that back." (J.K., January 2012)

"I would first like to share my appreciation for all that you and your associates have done for me in what I consider to be one of the most trying and difficult times of my life. Everyone I have worked with has conducted his or herself with kindness and professionalism, and I am grateful for all you have done." (P.M., January 2012)

"Tod, I want to thank you again for all of your help with my nephew. You did a fantastic job, as expected, and I can only hope they will not need your services again." (Attorney S.O., January 2012)

"I know that I speak for (my wife) and (our son) in saying that we continue to appreciate everything that you did for (our son) this year. Justice did prevail but it took a giant shove from you to make it happen." (Attorney C.S., January 2012)

Brad, Thank you so much for being so professional and making me feel like I was lucky enough to choose the best attorney in the country to handle my case." (J.D., December 2011)

"Brad, I wanted to thank you again for everything you guys did to help me out." (M.S., December 2011)

"Thanks for all of your help and attention to detail, I really appreciate how easy you and Tod have made things through this long process." (S.M., December 2011)

"Mr. Nesbitt, thank you again and again for the expert legal service on my case. I am greatly relieved." (J.M., December 2011)

"Hi Brad – Many thanks for your call yesterday confirming the very encouraging "outcome" for [our son]s. I am very relieved, and know that [he] is as well. I really do appreciate your help, council and support for [him] on this case. Many thanks." (N.U., November 2011)

"Brad, today would have been my release day. I wanted to send you a quick message to let you know how thankful I am for all of you and your team's hard work and effort in getting me home early. Thank You." (N.S., November 2011)

"Brad: I just wanted to thank you for all of your assistance. I really appreciate it and am glad to get this behind me. Best regards." (Attorney T.T., November 2011)

"Thank you again for working with my son during this trying time. It gives me comfort that he has someone there working hard on his behalf while I cannot be there to help. Thanks again for all you are doing." (P.K., November 2011)

"Mr. Koffel, again, thank you very much for all of the excellent work you did on my behalf. [My wife] and I are eternally grateful." (M.R., October 2011)

"Thank you, again, for everything. My husband and I got extremely lucky by finding your firm to help me with this case. We couldn't be happier with the services we've been provided." (K.K., October 2011)

"Thank you sincerely Will. This brings tears of joy to my eyes, and a closure of an awful eight month period of stress and worrying from a parent's perspective. I know [our son] does not 'get it' and doesn't realize what this means, but it is significant to his future. As an employer and executive level recruiter, how many times have I seen an issue like this end a career? More than once, trust me. Thank you, thank you, thank you." (Mr. & Mrs. B., October 2011)

"Brad, I just want to thank you again for the kind words you said about [my son] when we were in court. It truly meant a lot to me!" (T.B., October 2011)

"Brad, I just wanted to let you know that I am off community control and I appreciate all your help through this. Thank you." (S.A., October 2011)

"Brad Koffel saved my life. As my case progressed, I always had all my questions answered and Brad and Will both knew all the details of my case. Brad was always in court before me and never unprepared. Just to show you how awesome Brad is, the judge told me at sentencing that I had made a good decision in retaining Brad as my attorney. Again, I thank both Brad and Will, they gave me a second chance at life." (Google Reviews, September 2011)

"Brad and Dan were simply fantastic to work with. They put me at ease from our first discussion and were always there when I had any questions or needed advice. Brad's expert advice and guidance kept me from doing the "3 day weekend at the hotel" and got the charge reduced to a non-moving violation with no points on my license and no probation. I was elated with the outcome of my case and would emphatically recommend Brad Koffel and Dan Gant to anyone facing an OVI charge. They are worth every penny and I thank them for their extraordinary expertise." (Google Reviews, September 2011)

"Thank you on a personal level for your kind support and I thank the Koffel Law Fim for such incredible representation during a difficult period. While I assure you I will never find myself in need of your professional services again and I hope I never find it necessary to refer your services to a colleague, have no doubt I will recommend the firm to those who, being human, have made mistakes and require only the best representation". (R.H., September 2011)

"Steve, thank you so much for all of your help and guidance through these trying 10 months. I wouldn't have been able to get through this without you. I am very grateful you were there." (K.P., September 2011)

5 of 5 Stars: " Do not be surprised when you see the price tag for the service they provide. The choice to pay the money and get The Koffel Law Firm on my DUI charges was the best choice I made. . . .The firm has a very high working relationship to the cities in the greater Columbus area. There is something comforting about going into court and everyone there knows your lawyer by first name. I would 100% recommend The Koffel Law Firm to anyone who has a pending OVI or DUI case. They saved my life and my career." Aug 29, 2011 from Google Reviews.

"Tod, I can't say enough about the way you handled the case for me today in Fairfield Co. The sentencing is less than expected . . .I thank YOU and ALL in your firm for your diligence and expertise! This law firm will be recommended as 'TNT' -- Top Notch Team!!" D.W. (August 2011).

"Thanks isn't nearly enough. You're our hero my friend. Please also pass on our gratitude to Dan as well." Attorney C.S. (June 2011)

"I want to tell you how much I appreciate your work and assistance on my case. I am very pleased with the pending outcome. Your knowledge, patience, and insight during this difficult time have helped make this process manageable and understandable. If I can ever provide a referral for your services, please don't hesitate to ask." G.N. April 2011

"I wanted to thank you for everything. You made a very difficult situation a lot easier." J.D. April 2011

"Steve, thank you so much for representing me as my lawyer. You have done a wonderful job so far, and I appreciate you so much!" E.M.L. March 2011

"I wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude with how you've handled [my son's] defense. On March 3, 2011, you could have let the chips fall where they may, but instead you took the time and effort to give it one more shot. There was nothing compelling you to go the extra mile, except decency and a sense of right and wrong. This has been a nightmare, but you have guided us through it". T.B. March 2011

"Thanks Brad. You're a savvy guy who has compassion when it counts. I have met many attorney's in my work and can't say I have met one quite like you. Or as good." B.R. February 2011

"Brad, I was very impressed by your work and will make sure my friends and associates know of your excellence. It was a pleasure meeting you and good luck in your great new space. Keep in touch." M.R. February 2011

"Mr. Koffel and Mr. Gantt, I would like to take a quick moment to express my sincere thanks for the legal help you provided me over the past month or so. Your services were highly professional and efficient, making my end of the matter totaly stress free. . . I'll be sure to refer anyone I know who finds themselves in legal trouble directly to you." P.G. February 2011

"Dan & Will, I did want to thank you for all of your help and for answering ALL of my questions throughout this process. You both were great at putting my mind at ease during this rather hectic time." L.S. January 2011

"I wanted to express our family's gratitude for your excellent work that culminated in the judge's decision. . . The ruling this past Monday lifted a heavy burden . . . Thank you again" R.B. mother of L.H. January 2011

"Brad, I must tell you this is the first time in my career that I have written a thank you to a member of the bar. I am thankful and impressed by your professionalism combined with compassion. Your handling of [my daughter-in-law] was superb. Keep up the crusade against the addiction problems plaguing are country." E.S. November 2010

"This firm was excellent in being knowledgeable and aware. I really enjoyed working with all of the lawyers that helped with my case. They were always very quick to respond and willing to help me understand the legal process. I would highly recommend this firm and their lawyers. I felt extremely comfortable and aware of all parts of my case." October 2010

"As a professional with a board. A family man with children. A small business owner. A representative and community leader with much to lose. I have and would place all the trust and faith in the representation provided by Brad Koffel. I slept better at night knowing that he was handling my cases and every time in the end everything worked out in my favor. Thanks Brad." D.M. 2010

"I am a 51 year old Sales Director for an Ohio based company that has an engineering based product and service. My job responsibilities require me to drive over 20,000 miles per year and to rent vehicles for travel in other states. I was arrested for,and charged with OVI. Prior to this arrest I had a very clean traffic record with no violations of any kind in the previous 15-20 years. The Koffel Law Firm's representation, directed by Brad Koffel was extremely professional, responsive, and helpful. They clearly had the respect of the court system that my case was heard by, which indicated to me that the court system knew they would be professional, respectful, and not waste the courts time pursuing an unlikely outcome. I was very concerned about my ability to have driving privledges that are required for my profession. Despite the charges I was faced with, they were able to convince the courts that my conduct, while not excusable, was not consistent behavior, and that I should be allowed to continue to have driving privledges. While a not guilty outcome, or reduction in charge would have been a welcome outcome, I was pleased that The Koffel Law Firm was able to minimize the sanctions against me and enable my to miss only a minimal amount of work and retain full driving privledges. Additionally, the entire process was handled in such a way that it was not necessary for me to appear before anyone for my hearings and court dates until the final sentencing at which point it was required." J.L.

"I was referred to Brad in Dec. 2008 after receiving my second DUI. Was understanding, nonjudgmental, and seemed to really be willing to help me. I could see he had my wellbeing in mind and took my case very seriously. He not only helped me through that DUI case (2nd PV down to 15 days in jail from 6 months), but kept in contact with me and my probation officer. He then helped me after that as I fell into more charges and a larger case pending. Throughout the past year from July 2009-present, he has helped changed my life drastically and I would say partly saved my life. He recommended a placement consultant for addiction/alcoholism treatment, and kept in touch with my, my family, my counselors throughout the entire year. He also made reports to my probation officer and judge. I recently had my court date from charges pending-facing up to 165 days in jail-and with his help and my cooperation, he fought for me and in conclusion my charges all were dropped and I was free to leave. My record in Ohio still stands, however I was free to go back to California (off of probation) where I plan on remaining sober. He helped me do all of this. I would highly recommend Brad to anyone who needed an attorney. He is absolutely amazing at what he does, and seems to be very genuine in helping other people, not only with their cases, but also in their life." K.H. 2010

"Brad was extremely professional in his dealings with me and my case. He was extremely thorough and did a great job understanding all of the factors that would have ramifications with regard to making decisions in my case. He is professional, knowledgable, and personal. He made dealing with a very uncomfortable circumstance as comfortable as possible. I was very well represented and was never concerned about the decision I made to hire Brad for representation. His knowledge of the law, the process, and the people involved was invaluable. I am 100% confident that the outcome of my case would not have been the same with any other representation." -- J.S. 2010

"Brad, I'd like to thank you and your staff the professional and courteous treatment that I received. It was a pleasure working with everyone that I met at Koffel Law Firm." F.B. 2010

"We are very grateful to have had you all in our corner. Todd has been just incredible. He is a gifted attorney." --B.O. 2010

"I want to take a moment to thank all of you for your commitment and excellent service during my OVI case. Obviously, the past five months have been very emotionally trying for me but, looking back on everything I believe that selecting your law practice for my defense was the best choice I could have made." M.C. 2010

"Your professionalism and hard work are what I will always remember about you. Thank you so much for everything. Our family has never been involved in such an ordeal with the law. You represented us completely, fairly and the results prove everything."-- R.O. 2010

"I want to thank you for your patience and knowledge of the laws. I have the up most respect for you and your firm."-- B.T. 2010

"Words cannot express our gratitude for everything you have done for our son. Especially the recommendations to go to the Wilderness Program- it was the most powerful life changing experience of my sons life and for our entire family." - C.O. 2010

"Thank you for representing our son. With your professional help it feels good to put this case behind us! Your expertise is much appreciated."--L.A. 2010

"Absolutely satisfied. Treated with courtesy and respect." F.B. 2010

"Brad Koffel provided excellent representation. He was knowledgeable, trusting and responsiveBrad Koffel provided excellent representation. He was knowledgeable, trusting and responsive" J.B. 2010

"Little did I know that when I walked out that day, the charges would be DROPPED!!! What a wonderful feeling! From the first call, to meeting in person, to prompt return of phone calls, to the outcome of the case…Everything you did was top notch.. I honestly believe you were worth every penny."-- J.T. 2009

"I am writing merely to send my greetings as well as my continuing gratitude for your assistance during my legal situation 10 years ago. Things have worked out very well for my career, and I wanted to convey my appreciation."--J.L. 2009

"My future endeavors are still intact thanks to everything you did to help my case and I can't thank you enough. Your employees were all so helpful, sincere & willing to help with any
question…" --M.W. 2009

"Thank you for your help and concern. Without Brad's help our son would not have had the opportunity to start again… he has a much better chance for a happier life now."--M.R. 2009

"Thank you for guiding and supporting me during such a critical time… without your representation I know the outcome would have been much different and for that I am grateful." --R.S. 2009

"I will always speak highly of your firm and without hesitation will refer anyone in need of your services. I am living sober one day at a time" --D.W. 2009

"Just wanted to tell you what a great job you and your associates did on my cas… Dignity, Discretion, and Experience, that sums it up pretty well!" --D.H. 2009

"Throughout the entire process I felt valued as a client and always well-informed. Having you as my attorney calmed my nerves and allowed me to still succeed in school and learn from my mistakes. Thank you for all you have done for me." --S.R. 2009

"I was definitely in good hands and never had to worry about the details, you pretty much handled everything and I was able to keep working." --G.B. 2008

"Thank you for saving my career, protecting my reputation, and restoring my sanity." --J.Y. 2008

"I was so frightened about this whole process and you made me feel less anxious and informed about my case. I can give personal testimony to why you're the best counsel in town." --B.C. 2008

"The magistrate pointed out that we had a very good attorney while giving her decision. We agree and strongly recommend your services to anyone dealing with the same situation." --H.C. 2008

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